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    The Aman Plastic Toys Industries, “Play, Learn & Grow”, has started operation as a toys manufacturing venture known as "Aman Plastic" under the aegis of the group's first concern - the Aman Plastic Industries in 2010 by the magician of toys named Md. Aman Ullah in his age of 19. This project turned out to be a very successful one and had helped faster the growth of trust and dependency of the urban as well as rural parents in Bangladesh. Bangladesh's burgeoning population, coupled with a conspicuously lacking of local toys manufacture led to the landmark success of Aman Plastic.

    Driven by the ramifications of this success, Aman Plastic geared up to invest in new fields, including manufacturing and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 2010s and during this period, Aman Plastic has over 06 major concerns located in Dhaka division of the country. The major concerns of the Aman Plastic are Aman Plastic Toys Industries, Aman Plastic Industries, Aman Toy Garden, Ifran Plastic Industries, Aman Enterprise, among others.

     The Aman Plastic has come a long way in reaching its goals by listening to client needs, learning real-time lessons from past projects, innovating its project implementation process. Through major investment undertakings in toys sectors, Aman Plastic has meaningfully contributed to the country’s economic stability in financial and employment perspective. Now Aman Plastic is playing “Top One” position in toys manufacturing sector in Bangladesh beating the foreign toys market in Bangladesh and also earning foreign currency by exporting toys in India from 2019. Aman Plastic has obtained the First Position of “Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Silpo Puroskar 2020” under small and medium enterprises (SME) sector.

    Underlying all of the Aman Plastic's activities are the common threads of change, flexibility, and also fostering closer ties with the Government, the City Corporation and Aman Plastic clients. Most of its projects have been success stories - this fact alone is enough to justify a sense of confidence in the Aman Plastic's future.

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    Aman Plastic believes in serving the mental growth of children with playing and the country as well, not only in doing business and making profit. It had come into existence with that belief and adopted “Play, Learn & Grow” as its core theme. The Aman Plastic always try to offer best possible services and products to customers for attaining their full satisfaction, as the company endorses the notion that customers are the ultimate determining factor in success of any organization. It always strives to introduce new products and services to the customers.Aman Plastic believes that no organization can grow without an able and dedicated workforce behind it. It values and nurtures its officials, employees and other members of the staff accordingly. Through various acts and measures, the group tries to create a sense of belonging among the workforce so that they explore their full potential and give full dedication to the organization and get evaluated accordingly. As a business conglomerate, Aman Plastic does not want to grow alone; it wishes to grow together with its sector, patrons, customers, employees and other stakeholders. The group has reached out to many poor and underprivileged children through different educational toys and it wants to expand them across the country for the welfare of the all children and development of the country.


    Aman Plastic has already become one of the largest conglomerates and the leader in many areas of toys manufacturing business and sector in Bangladesh. It wishes to go far ahead from where it is now. The Aman Plastic wants to be the largest toys manufacturer house of the country and the biggest contributor, from the private sector, to the economic, social and children development. It also wishes to bring more and more unemployed manpower under job and thus become the largest employer in the private sector. To accomplish the vision, the Aman Plastic has already ventured into more business and is making its own industrial areas, including some as pioneer, and has plans to be engaged in many more areas. The Aman Plastic has started works for going global and hopes to announce its global presence in a couple of years. Doing business is not an easy task anywhere, particularly in the fast- changing global scenario, which invites many new challenges. However, Aman Plastic is confident of continuing its march forward even at a faster pace in any situation favourable and unfavourable in the days to come and always uphold its core theme – Play, Learn & Grow.


    Aman Plastic has adopted patriotism, honesty, fair practice and service to the nation as its core values, which act as the main basis in its decision making. These values have created a moral compass for everyone at the company from the top management to ordinary employees and created the organizational culture accordingly. The company always tries to be driven by these values and not to deviate from them in any situation.

    Meet Our Leaders

  • md-aman-ullah
    Md. Aman Ullah

    Managing Director

  • md-tofayel-ahmed-rubel
    Md. Tofayel Ahmed Rubel

    General Manager